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Journal Title: Journal of Management and Science
Journal ISSN (online version): 2250-1819
Journal ISSN (print version): 2249-1260
Journal Url: http://jms.nonolympictimes.org/
Discipline: Interdisciplinary Sciences
Journal Description: Journal of Management and Science-JMS is an international, free-access, printed / online quarterly journal published in English. The aim of JMS is to publish original articles and review papers without delay in all fields of Management and Science. In addition, special issues of JMS may be dedicated to publish all or selected papers presented at international conferences or seminars. It provides rapid publications and a forum for academics, scholars and advanced level students to exchange significant information and productive ideas. JMS make every effort to keep a record of the up to date research and to promote study, research and improvement within its various specialties. This journal is published quarterly. Papers published in JMS take a logical approach to knowledge, perception, teaching, and learning. Professionals, researchers, academics, and prospectus designers are the predictable listeners of JMS.
Start Year: 2011
Publisher Name: Journal of Management and Science
Publisher Address: C/o Non Olympic Times 42G-Mettuthottam, Chinnavadampatti, Coimbatore - 49, Tamil Nadu
Publisher Country: India

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