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Journal Title: Lex Humanitariae: Journal for a Change
Journal ISSN (online version): 2582-5216
Journal ISSN (print version):
Journal Url: http://lexhumanitariae.co.in/
Discipline: Social and Humanistic Sciences
Journal Description: Lex Humanitariae: Journal For a Change is a non-annual peer-reviewed Law Journal aimed at providing a platform to the original work of authors by way of open access system to reiterate the importance and multi-disciplinary approach of law. The principles of care, precision and impartiality guide the Journal to set a dual goal, i.e. to publish a journal worth to lawyers and to provide educational knowledge of value to students. The Journal with a hope to foster legal research welcomes submissions in the form of articles, short notes, book reviews and case comments. The Journal presents its unwavering belief in the principles of justice, equity and morality. The Journal endeavors to capture the changing conceptions of law and effectively accepts the change with a progressive outlook.
Start Year: 2019
Publisher Name: Lex Humanitariae
Publisher Address: 24/148 Vikram Vihar, Lajpat Nagar- 4
Publisher Country: India

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