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Journal Title: Educanional and Development of Gifted Personality
Journal ISSN (online version):
Journal ISSN (print version): 2309-3935
Journal Url: http://otr.iod.gov.ua/index.php
Discipline: Social and Humanistic Sciences
Journal Description: Scientists cover the problems of identifying and developing giftedness of children and young people in modern Ukraine on the pages of the quarterly scientific-methodical journal “Education and Development of Gifted Personality” of the Institute of Gifted Child of NAPS of Ukraine. They also analyze the world experience on the mentioned topic. The professional scientific publication, which publishes the results of the research of domestic scientists about the giftedness phenomenon, the practical achievements of outstanding educators of Ukraine in the organization of educational process for the development of students’ talents, is popular among leading Ukrainian scientists, doctoral students, postgraduates and creative teachers. The Editorial Board is constantly working on improving the quality of the publication.
Start Year: 2012
Publisher Name: Institute of Gifted Child of NAES of Ukraine
Publisher Address: 52-D Sichovykh Striltsiv str. Kyiv, 04053
Publisher Country: Ukraine

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