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Journal Title: Bulletin Social-Economic and Humanitarian Research
Journal ISSN (online version): 2658-5561
Journal ISSN (print version):
Journal Url: http://bulletensocial.com
Discipline: Social and Humanistic Sciences
Journal Description: International Electronic Scientific Journal "Bulletin Social-Economic and Humanitarian Research" publishes articles on the relationship of various government agencies and society. The Editorial Board determines the order of publication of articles. The author retains copyright to his articles. The journal is published from February 5, 2018. The profile direction for this journal is the publication of articles on Historical Sciences, as well as the publication of research at the intersection of Sciences, in particular Historical and Economic Research, Historical and Philosophical Research. In comparison with other similar editions, the journal publishes articles in new scientific fields: "Institutional History“, including ”History of the Institute of the Orthodox Church“, ”Institutional Economics“, including ”Economics of the Institute of The Labor Market" and other newest areas of scientific research. The mission of the journal is the publication of original articles and reviews on history, philosophy, economics, as well as raising the level of scientific research and the development of international scientific cooperation in the framework of these areas. The purpose of the journal is to form a new view on Russian and world history, philosophy and economics. Particular attention is paid to modern scientific approaches in regional history. The journal reveals the world economic processes that have affected the socio-economic situation of various states. The factors related to the philosophical awareness of reality in the context of the international agenda are revealed. The editors will be grateful to the authors of the articles for interdisciplinary research, revealing new methodological concepts in solving current international problems.
Start Year: 2018
Publisher Name: Editorial Journal "Bulletin Social-Economic and Humanitarian Research"
Publisher Address: 22, Mechnikov Lane, Voronezh, 394068
Publisher Country: Russian Federation

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