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Journal Title: Reproductive Endocrinolog
Journal ISSN (online version): 2411-1295
Journal ISSN (print version): 2309-4117
Journal Url: http://reproduct-endo.com/
Discipline: Natural Sciences
Journal Description: Journal "Reproductive Endocrinology" is a modern look not only at the obstetric and gynecological problems in the context of endocrine diseases, but also on family planning problems and prospects for development of the fetus, and urological problems of andrologic profile and other top priorities for the publication of an emphasis on the clinical evidence base, diagnostic algorithms, treatment and prevention, and provide the maximum amount of useful scientific and practical materials. Readers are invited to urgent aspects and the views of leading national and foreign experts on targeted issues publications. Authoritative editorial board of the journal "Reproductive Endocrinology", which consists of leading experts from the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and NAMS of Ukraine, admits to print only the relevant materials on the basis of the positions of medicine. Journal is regularly printed materials that translated foreign authors and reviews based on recent publications in leading international journals, the presentation of the most important recent clinical guidelines and consensus of international importance, articles review based on foreign materials, comments of national experts.
Start Year: 2011
Publisher Name: LLC "TRILIST"
Publisher Address: B. Khmelnytskoho str., 42, Kyiv, 01030
Publisher Country: Ukraine

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