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Journal Title: Innovative technologies and scientific solutions for industries
Journal ISSN (online version): 2524-2296
Journal ISSN (print version): 2522-9818
Journal Url: http://itssi-journal.com
Discipline: Interdisciplinary Sciences
Journal Description: The thematic focus of the journal is the exchange of information on scientific, technical and economic achievements in the industry. The journal deals with two main areas: engineering and economic sciences. The journal is focused on: information technologies and control systems, modelling in engineering, economic, biotechnical systems, power industry and transport, electronics, nanotechnologies, information and measuring systems, control in economic and ecological systems, production process organization and control, modern technical capabilities, complexes and systems, business economics,management, marketing, business modelling, information technologies in economics, manufacturing process management, logistics, business innovative and investment activities, etc.
Start Year: 2017
Publisher Name: Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics and State Enterprise “Southern National Design & Research Institute of Aerospace Industries"
Publisher Address: 130a, Sumskaya str., Kharkiv, 61023
Publisher Country: Ukraine

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