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Journal Title: Organizational Psychology. Economic Psychology
Journal ISSN (online version):
Journal ISSN (print version): 2411–3190
Journal Url: http://orgpsy-journal.in.ua/
Discipline: Social and Humanistic Sciences
Journal Description: Organizational and economic psychology is an important field of academic and applied psychology not only in Ukraine but also worldwide. Psychological factors are crucial in improving performance of both individual workers and organizations and society in general. Therefore, the new edition of Organizational Psychology. Economic Psychology (the scientific journal edited by S.D. Maksymenko and L.M. Karamushka) is an important and necessary step towards the promotion and development of organizational and economic psychology in Ukraine. The founders of the journal are G.S. Kostyuk Institute of Psychology of the NAPS of Ukraine and the Ukrainian Association of Organizational and Work Psychologists. The journal is registered as a printed media (the Certificate of registration of the printed media - KB № 9340 of 15.11.2004). The journal is on the List of scientific professional editions of the Ministry of Education of Ukraine on psychology (Order № 528 of the Ministry of Education of Ukraine of April 28, 2015). The journal publishes results of research conducted by highly qualified specialists from Ukraine and abroad reflecting the innovative research and applied areas of organizational and economic psychology. The Organizational Psychology. Economic Psychology will promote these areas of psychological science in Ukraine, strengthen cooperation between researchers, academics and practitioners and help introduce scientific developments in practice.
Start Year: 2015
Publisher Name: G.S. Kostiuk Institute of Psychology of the NAES of Ukraine, Ukrainian Association of Organizational and Work Psychologists
Publisher Address: 22, Pankivska str., Kyiv, 01033,
Publisher Country: Ukraine

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