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Journal Title: Frontiers in Cellular Neuroscience
Journal ISSN (online version):
Journal ISSN (print version): 1662-5102
Journal Url: http://journal.frontiersin.org/journal/cellular-neuroscience
Journal Description: Frontiers in Cellular Neuroscience is a multidisciplinary open-access journal devoted to better understanding the cellular mechanisms underlying the functions of the cells composing the nervous system across all species.
Start Year: 2007
Publisher Name: Frontiers Media S.A.
Publisher Address: EPFL Innovation Park, Building I CH – 1015 Lausanne,
Publisher Country: Switzerland

Journal Title: Frontiers in Computational Neuroscience
Journal ISSN (online version): 1662-5188
Journal ISSN (print version):
Journal Url: http://journal.frontiersin.org/journal/computational-neuroscience
Journal Description: Frontiers in Computational Neuroscience is devoted to promoting theoretical modeling of brain function and fostering interdisciplinary interactions between theoretical and experimental neuroscience.
Start Year: 2007
Publisher Name: Frontiers ,
Publisher Address: EPFL Innovation Park, Building I CH – 1015 Lausanne Switzerland,
Publisher Country: Switzerland

Journal Title: Frontiers in Life Science
Journal ISSN (online version): 2155-3777
Journal ISSN (print version): 2155-3769
Journal Url: http://www.tandfonline.com/toc/tfls20/current
Journal Description: Frontiers in Life Science publishes high quality and innovative research at the frontier of biology with an emphasis on interdisciplinary research. We particularly encourage manuscripts that lie at the interface of the life sciences and either the more quantitative sciences (including chemistry, physics, mathematics, and informatics) or the social sciences (philosophy, anthropology, sociology and epistemology). We believe that these various disciplines can all contribute to biological research and provide original insights to the most recurrent questions.
Start Year: 2007
Publisher Name: Taylor & Francis, Inc.,
Publisher Address: 530 Walnut Street, Suite 850, Philadelphia, PA 19106,
Publisher Country: United States

Journal Title: Fullerenes, Nanotubes and Carbon Nanostructures
Journal ISSN (online version): 1536-4046
Journal ISSN (print version): 1536-383X
Journal Url: http://www.tandfonline.com/toc/lfnn20/current
Journal Description: The international and interdisciplinary forum, Fullerenes, Nanotubes, and Carbon Nanostructures , aims at publishing peer-reviewed research of original work in all areas of CARBON research including fullerenes, nanotubes, nanodiamond, graphene, any type of carbon nanostructure and any work dealing with carbon and carbon-related topics. Publishing high quality papers from all fields of carbon science and related topics, the journal intends to provide a means of communication between researchers who are interested in fundamental and applied carbon science issues.
Start Year: 1993
Publisher Name: Taylor & Francis, Inc.,
Publisher Address: 530 Walnut Street, Suite 850, Philadelphia, PA 19106,
Publisher Country: United States

Journal Title: Functional Materials Letters
Journal ISSN (online version): 1793-7213
Journal ISSN (print version): 1793-6047
Journal Url: http://www.worldscientific.com/worldscinet/fml
Journal Description: Functional Materials Letters is an international peer-reviewed scientific journal for original contributions to research on the synthesis, behavior and characterization of functional materials. The journal seeks to provide a rapid forum for the communication of novel research of high quality and with an interdisciplinary flavor. The journal is an ideal forum for communication amongst materials scientists and engineers, chemists and chemical engineers, and physicists in the dynamic fields associated with functional materials.
Start Year: 2008
Publisher Name: World Scientific Publishing Co.,
Publisher Address: 5 Toh Tuck Link, Singapore 596224,
Publisher Country: Singapore

Journal Title: Future Prescriber
Journal ISSN (online version): 1931-2261
Journal ISSN (print version):
Journal Url: https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/journal/19312261
Journal Description: Future Prescriber is published four times a year and provides information on new drugs from early development through to launch. It also covers significant developments with drugs that are currently available and discusses the potential impact of prescribing policy changes. Future Prescriber is circulated to those with a particular responsibility for managing prescribing budgets and those involved in decision making and planning around the introduction of new drugs. Please visit www.futureprescriber.co.uk for further information as well as news, supplements and more
Start Year: 2000
Publisher Name: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
Publisher Address: 111 River Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Publisher Country: United States

Journal Title: GAIA - Ecological Perspectives for Science and Society
Journal ISSN (online version):
Journal ISSN (print version): 0940-5550
Journal Url: http://www.ingentaconnect.com/content/oekom/gaia
Journal Description: GAIA is a transdisciplinary journal for scientists and other interested parties concerned with the causes and analyses of environmental and sustainability problems and their solutions.
Start Year: 1992
Publisher Name: Publishing Technology PLC,
Publisher Address: 8100 Alec Issigonis Way Oxford, OX4 2HU,
Publisher Country: United Kingdom

Journal Title: Games and Culture
Journal ISSN (online version): 1555-4139
Journal ISSN (print version): 1555-4120
Journal Url: http://gac.sagepub.com/
Journal Description: Games and Culture (G&C), peer-reviewed and published quarterly, is an international journal that promotes innovative theoretical and empirical research about games and culture within interactive media. The journal serves as a premiere outlet for ground-breaking work in the field of game studies and its scope includes the socio-cultural, political, and economic dimensions of gaming from a wide variety of perspectives.
Start Year: 2006
Publisher Name: SAGE Publications Ltd,
Publisher Address: 1 Oliver's Yard, 55 City Road, London, EC1Y 1SP,
Publisher Country: United Kingdom

Journal Title: Gastronomica
Journal ISSN (online version): 1533-8622
Journal ISSN (print version): 1529-3262
Journal Url: http://gcfs.ucpress.edu/
Journal Description: Gastronomica is a peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary, international journal publishing critical, translational studies on food. In the pages of Gastronomica, you will find examinations of historical trends and transformations in food and eating; analyses of the political, economic, and social dimensions of food production and consumption; research briefs on emerging issues in fields related to food research and innovation; and interviews with key figures in the world of food (scholars, activists, producers, and consumers). With cutting-edge research and explorations of the theoretical and methodological underpinnings of food studies, Gastronomica is your go-to resource for understanding the social, cultural, and historical dimensions of food.
Start Year: 2001
Publisher Name: University of California Press
Publisher Address: 155 Grand Avenue, Suite 400, Oakland, CA 94612–3758
Publisher Country: United States

Journal Title: General Physiology and Biophysics
Journal ISSN (online version):
Journal ISSN (print version): 0231-5882
Journal Url: http://www.gpb.sav.sk/
Journal Description: General Physiology and Biophysics is devoted to the publication of original research papers concerned with general physiology, biophysics and biochemistry at the cellular and molecular level.
Start Year: 1982
Publisher Name: Institute of Molecular Physiology and Genetics,
Publisher Address: Vlarska 5 833 34 Bratislava,
Publisher Country: Slovakia

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