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Jorunal Title: The Journal of Supercritical Fluids
Journal ISSN (online version): 1873-6483
Jorunal ISSN (print version): 0896-8446
Journal Url: http://www.journals.elsevier.com/the-journal-of-supercritical-fluids/
Journal Description: The Journal of Supercritical Fluids is an international journal devoted to the fundamental and applied aspects of supercritical fluids and processes. Its aim is to provide a focused platform for academic and industrial researchers to report their findings and to have ready access to the advances in this rapidly growing field. Its coverage is multidisciplinary and includes both basic and applied topics.
Start Year: 1988
Publisher Name: Elsevier B.V. (Corporate Office),
Publisher Address: Radarweg 29, Amsterdam 1043 NX,
Publisher Country: Netherlands

Jorunal Title: The Millennium University Journal
Journal ISSN (online version):
Jorunal ISSN (print version): 2225-2533
Journal Url: http://themillenniumuniversity.edu.bd/journal
Journal Description: The Millennium University Journal is a double blind peer reviewed international referred academic journal published by the university. TMU Journal was established in June, 2016. TMU Journal [ISSN: 2225-2533(P)] embraces not only the full range of subject coverage but also the increasingly wide range of approaches and perspectives that can be brought to bear upon the discipline. We welcome, therefore, both traditional and modern approaches to the field like Business, Literature & Linguistics, Law, Computer Science & ICT, from close critical readings of literary texts, to interdisciplinary approaches or cross-subject analysis.
Start Year: 2016
Publisher Name: The Millennium University
Publisher Address: Mailing Address 5 Momenbagh (Opposite Rajarbagh, Police Lines Gate), Dhaka 1217,
Publisher Country: Bangladesh

Jorunal Title: Theoretical Criminology
Journal ISSN (online version): 1461-7439
Jorunal ISSN (print version): 1362-4806
Journal Url: http://tcr.sagepub.com/
Journal Description: Theoretical Criminology is a major interdisciplinary, international, peer reviewed journal for the advancement of the theoretical aspects of criminological knowledge. Theoretical Criminology is concerned with theories, concepts, narratives and myths of crime, criminal behaviour, social deviance, criminal law, morality, justice, social regulation and governance. The journal is committed to renewing general theoretical debate, exploring the interrelation of theory and data in empirical research and advancing the links between criminological analysis and general social, political and cultural theory
Start Year: 1997
Publisher Name: SAGE Publications Ltd,
Publisher Address: 1 Oliver's Yard, 55 City Road, London, EC1Y 1SP,
Publisher Country: United Kingdom

Jorunal Title: Theoretical Population Biology
Journal ISSN (online version): 1096-0325
Jorunal ISSN (print version): 0040-5809
Journal Url: http://www.journals.elsevier.com/theoretical-population-biology/
Journal Description: An interdisciplinary journal, Theoretical Population Biology presents articles on theoretical aspects of the biology of populations, particularly in the areas of demography, ecology, epidemiology, evolution, and genetics. Emphasis is on the development of mathematical theory and models that enhance the understanding of biological phenomena.
Start Year: 1970
Publisher Name: Elsevier B.V. (Corporate Office),
Publisher Address: Radarweg 29, Amsterdam 1043 NX,
Publisher Country: Netherlands

Jorunal Title: Theory of Computing Systems
Journal ISSN (online version): 1433-0490
Jorunal ISSN (print version): 1432-4350
Journal Url: http://www.springer.com/computer/theoretical+computer+science/journal/224
Journal Description: TOCS is devoted to publishing original research from all areas of theoretical computer science, ranging from foundational areas such as computational complexity, to fundamental areas such as algorithms and data structures, to focused areas such as parallel and distributed algorithms and architectures.
Start Year: 1967
Publisher Name: Springer International Publishing AG,
Publisher Address: Gewerbestrasse 11, CH-6330 Cham (ZG),
Publisher Country: Switzerland

Jorunal Title: Therapeutic Drug Monitoring
Journal ISSN (online version): 1536-3694
Jorunal ISSN (print version): 0163-4356
Journal Url: http://journals.lww.com/drug-monitoring/pages/default.aspx
Journal Description: Therapeutic Drug Monitoring is a peer-reviewed, multidisciplinary journal directed to an audience of pharmacologists, clinical chemists, laboratorians, pharmacists, drug researchers and toxicologists. It fosters the exchange of knowledge among the various disciplines–clinical pharmacology, pathology, toxicology, analytical chemistry–that share a common interest in Therapeutic Drug Monitoring. The journal presents studies detailing the various factors that affect the rate and extent drugs are absorbed, metabolized, and excreted. Regular features include review articles on specific classes of drugs, original articles, case reports, technical notes, and continuing education articles.
Start Year: 1979
Publisher Name: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, Business Offices,
Publisher Address: Two Commerce Square, 2001 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103,
Publisher Country: United States

Jorunal Title: Topics in Language Disorders
Journal ISSN (online version): 1550-3259
Jorunal ISSN (print version): 0271-8294
Journal Url: http://journals.lww.com/topicsinlanguagedisorders/pages/default.aspx
Journal Description: Topics in Language Disorders (TLD) is a double-blind peer-reviewed topical journal that has dual purposes: (1) to serve as a scholarly resource for researchers and clinicians who share an interest in spoken and written language development and disorders across the lifespan, with a focus on interdisciplinary and international concerns; and (2) to provide relevant information to support theoretically sound, culturally sensitive, research-based clinical practices.
Start Year: 1980
Publisher Name: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, Business Offices,
Publisher Address: Two Commerce Square, 2001 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103,
Publisher Country: United States

Jorunal Title: Toxicology Letters
Journal ISSN (online version): 1879-3169
Jorunal ISSN (print version): 0378-4274
Journal Url: http://www.journals.elsevier.com/toxicology-letters/
Journal Description: Toxicology Letters serves as a multidisciplinary forum for research in toxicology. The prime aim is the rapid publication of research studies that are both novel and advance our understanding of a particular area. In addition to research reports, mini-reviews in various areas of toxicology will be published. Clinical, occupational and safety evaluation, legal, risk and hazard assessment, impact on man and environment studies of sufficient novelty to warrant rapid publication will be considered.
Start Year: 1977
Publisher Name: Elsevier B.V. (Corporate Office),
Publisher Address: Radarweg 29, Amsterdam 1043 NX,
Publisher Country: Netherlands

Jorunal Title: Toxicology Research
Journal ISSN (online version): 2045-4538
Jorunal ISSN (print version): 2045-452X
Journal Url: http://pubs.rsc.org/en/journals/journalissues/tx?e=1#!recentarticles&adv
Journal Description: A new, multi-disciplinary journal covering the best research in both fundamental and applied aspects of toxicology
Start Year: 1977
Publisher Name: Royal Society of Chemistry,
Publisher Address: Science Park, Milton Road, Cambridge, CB4 0WF,
Publisher Country: United Kingdom

Jorunal Title: Traffic Injury Prevention
Journal ISSN (online version): 1538-957X
Jorunal ISSN (print version): 1538-9588
Journal Url: http://www.tandfonline.com/toc/gcpi20/current#.VZ6p2bWqrIU
Journal Description: The purpose of Traffic Injury Prevention is to bridge the disciplines of medicine, engineering, public health and traffic safety in order to foster the science of traffic injury prevention. The archival journal focuses on research, interventions and evaluations within the areas of traffic safety, crash causation, injury prevention and treatment.
Start Year: 1999
Publisher Name: Taylor & Francis, Inc.,
Publisher Address: 530 Walnut Street, Suite 850, Philadelphia, PA 19106,
Publisher Country: United States

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