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Journal Title: International Journal of Health Sciences
Journal ISSN (online version): 2550-696X
Journal ISSN (print version): 2550-6978
Journal Url: https://sciencescholar.us/journal/index.php/ijhs
Discipline: Natural Sciences
Journal Description: International Journal of Health Sciences is a forum for scholarly and state-of-the-art research into all aspects of health sciences education. It will publish empirical studies as well as discussions of theoretical issues and practical implications. The primary focus of the Journal is linking theory to practice, thus priority will be given to papers that have a sound theoretical basis and strong methodology. The Journal will accept articles on topics such as admissions, problem-based and self-directed learning, faculty development, achievement testing, motivation, curriculum development, curricular comparisons, program evaluation, expertise development, clinical reasoning, continuing education, community-based education, and communication skills (the list is intended as illustrative, not exhaustive). All rigorous methodologies, both quantitative and qualitative, are encouraged. It is aimed at all those committed to the improvement of health professions education: researchers and educators in the fields of medicine, dentistry, nursing, health professions, pharmacology, toxicology, pharmaceutical science, veterinary science occupational therapy, physiotherapy, nutrition, and related disciplines. From the perspective of external validity, it is critical that authors place their study in a theoretical and empirical context. IJHS has no page limit, in order that each paper can be accompanied by a critical review of related research, and the discussion can highlight how the study findings add to knowledge. Authors are encouraged to explore their study from multiple analytical perspectives, to include multiple converging studies if possible, and to specifically state how the study findings add to knowledge in the field. The editors will not consider studies where the only outcome is a person's opinion or perception of the extent to which they believe they have learned something or improved their skills. The reason is simply that the evidence is consistent that people are not capable of accurate self-assessment, so any form of self-assessed improvement cannot be used as an outcome. Self-assessed measures of confidence or competence may well appear to show large differences in response to an educational intervention but are themselves weak surrogates for actual achievement. From the perspective of educational importance, studies of a single course or program with weak evidence of effectiveness, such as student ratings, are discouraged as they are unlikely to add to generalizable knowledge unless the study permits an empirical test of theoretical predictions. Further, evaluations of any technology, without consideration of the mechanisms that lead to an observed change, are of limited value. Similarly, proving that some education is better than no education, an educational “placebo-controlled trial;” has very limited value. We will not consider such studies for publication. An important criterion for acceptance is educational significance. Studies may be methodologically strong, and effects may be statistically significant, but that does not equate to importance. From the perspective of internal validity, small effects, and associations, as are typically observed in studies of personality or learning style, may well achieve statistical significance with large samples but have little educational importance. Similarly, self-assessed measures of confidence or competence may well appear to show large differences in response to an educational intervention but are themselves weak surrogates for actual achievement. It is hoped that the absence of a word limit will encourage authors to consider full exploration of a question, including multiple converging studies in the same paper. The Journal strongly discourages multiple publications derived from a single study, unless the questions asked are distinct and non-overlapping. As a matter of policy, authors are required to fully disclose other related publications, either published, submitted or under review. We will not consider submissions where aspects of the study have already been published elsewhere unless the author makes a convincing case for the distinctiveness of the new submission.
Start Year: 2017
Publisher Name: Universidad Tecnica de Manabi
Publisher Address: Av. Urbina y Che Guevara, Apartado: 82,

Journal Title: International Journal of Life Sciences
Journal ISSN (online version): 2550-6986
Journal ISSN (print version): 2550-6994
Journal Url: https://sciencescholar.us/journal/index.php/ijls/
Discipline: Natural Sciences
Journal Description: International Journal of Life Sciences (IJLS) is an international journal publishing articles that emphasize the life sciences. The journal emphasizes the understanding of the mechanism that is relevant to all aspects of human disease and translation to patients. All articles are rigorously reviewed. The Journal favors publication of full-length papers where modern scientific technologies are used to explain Agriculture & Agronomy, Animal & Veterinary Sciences, Aquatic Sciences, Behavioral Sciences, Biochemistry & Biophysics, Cell Biology, Ecology, Entomology, Evolutionary & Developmental Biology, Forestry, Genetics & Genomics, Microbiology, Plant Sciences, and Systems Biology & Bioinformatics. Articles that merely report observations are rarely accepted. Recommendations from Antonio Vazquez Perez guidelines for care and use of laboratory animals must be adhered to. Articles should be written at a level accessible to readers who are non-specialists in the topic of the article themselves, but who are interested in the research. The Journal welcomes reviews on topics of wide interest to investigators in the life sciences. We particularly encourage submission of brief, focused reviews containing high-quality artwork and require the use of mechanistic summary diagrams. Manuscripts should present novel preclinical findings addressing questions of biological significance to human disease. Studies that fail to do so may be rejected without review. Quantitative conclusions must be based on truly quantitative methods. Life Sciences does not publish work on the actions of biological extracts of the unknown chemical composition. Compounds studied must be of known chemical structure and concentration. The study must be reproducible; materials used must be available to other researchers so they can repeat the experiment. Clinical studies may be considered if they expand understanding of mechanism, but the journal does not encourage clinical trial reports. Four common reasons for rejection include: out of scope (the manuscript does not conform to the goal of identification of mechanisms related to therapy for human disease); too preliminary (manuscript is based on a limited amount of experimental data diminishing significance); lack of novelty (manuscript is well done but does not address a significant question); unidentified structure (actions of biological extracts of unknown chemical composition).
Start Year: 2017
Publisher Name: Universidad Tecnica de Manabi
Publisher Address: Av. Urbina y Che Guevara, Apartado: 82

Journal Title: International Journal of Physical Sciences and Engineering
Journal ISSN (online version): 2550-6943
Journal ISSN (print version): 2550-6951
Journal Url: https://sciencescholar.us/journal/index.php/ijpse
Discipline: Science and Technology
Journal Description: International Journal of Physical Sciences and Engineering (IJPSE) is a peer-reviewed scientific journal, which publishes original articles that have not been published previously or have not yet been submitted for publishing anywhere else, in print or electronic version. The Journal is devoted to the advancement and dissemination of scientific knowledge in the fields of Applied & Technical Physics, Atomic, Molecular, Optical & Plasma Physics, Biological & Medical Physics, Biophysics, Classical & Continuum Physics, Complexity, Condensed Matter Physics, Optics, Lasers, Photonics, Optical Devices, Particle & Nuclear Physics, Quantum Physics, Theoretical, Mathematical & Computational Physics. IJPSE publishes original scientific articles, review articles, scientific critique, scientific interviews, book reviews, and chronicles. IJPSE does not publish papers that are entirely ethnographic data; which lack scientific approach and exhibit purely essayistic character; that endorse racist, nationalist, religious, gender, political or other discriminatory concepts, or in any way include hate speech. IJPSE issued three times a year. The Journal also publishes special issues, on specific themes and by visiting editors. Contributions to the Journal may be submitted in the English language. Titles, Abstracts, and Key Words are published in English.
Start Year: 2017
Publisher Name: Universidad Tecnica de Manabi
Publisher Address: Av. Urbina y Che Guevara, Apartado: 82

Journal Title: International Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities
Journal ISSN (online version): 2550-7001
Journal ISSN (print version): 2550-701X
Journal Url: https://sciencescholar.us/journal/index.php/ijssh
Discipline: Social and Humanistic Sciences
Journal Description: International Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities (IJSSH) is the official journal of the Universidad Tecnica de Manabi. The principal purpose of the journal is to publish scholarly work in the social sciences and humanities defined in the classical sense, that is in the social sciences, the humanities, and the natural sciences. The research that is published may take a theoretical or speculative model as well as statistical and mathematical. Contributions are welcome from all fields which have relevant and insightful comments to make about the social sciences. The journal also includes a research note section which is devoted to supporting scholarly research that is in progress. The journal has a well-established book review section which reflects the academic and intellectual diversity. While IJSSH is the publication of a regional association, it attracts submissions from a wide range of countries. The scope of the area in the field of humanities included Arts and culture, Dance, Historical and civilization studies, Language and literature, Music, Philosophy, and Religious studies. The scope of the area in the field of social sciences included Accounting, Anthropology, Archaeology and history, Architecture and habitat, Economics, Education, Finance, Geography, Law, Management studies, Media and communication studies, Political sciences and public policy, Population studies, Psychology, Sociology, Technology management, and Tourism.
Start Year: 2017
Publisher Name: Universidad Tecnica de Manabi
Publisher Address: Av. Urbina y Che Guevara, Apartado: 82

Journal Title: UTCiencia
Journal ISSN (online version): 2602-8263
Journal ISSN (print version): 1390-6909
Journal Url: http://investigacion.utc.edu.ec/revistasutc/index.php/utciencia/index
Discipline: Interdisciplinary Sciences
Journal Description: The UTCiencia journal of the Technical University of Cotopaxi (Ecuador) is a quarterly publication that receives works of scientific, documentary, applied and experimental research from national and international researchers. The articles are characterized by being original, unpublished and present advances, results and findings in the field of exact sciences, life sciences and social sciences. UTCiencia journal is part of the Latindex catalog, LatinREV, ResearchBib, Directory of Research Journal Indexing (DRJI), REDIB and the MIAR.
Start Year: 2011
Publisher Name: Universidad Técnica de Cotopaxi
Publisher Address: Dirección de Investigación de la Universidad Técnica de Cotopaxi (UTC), cantón Latacunga, El Ejido, sector San Felipe. Cantón: Latacunga. Provincia: Cotopaxi. País: Ecuador. Apartado postal: 05-01491.

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